Children's Ministry

The Crossway Children's Ministry serves our children from newborns through fifth grade. The focus is to empower our children to follow Jesus by showing them the core principles of God's Word: “I am known by God, I am loved by Jesus, I am led by the Holy Spirit, and I'm a child of God so my life can tell of God’s wonder.”

We offer a fun program that brings about Curiosity, Belief, Faith, and Identity. Not only do we want to provide for your children in the classroom, but we will also give you tools for the home that strengthen the lessons they learn while fostering community amongst one another.

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Youth Ministry

CrossWay Youth Ministry provides a place where middle schoolers and high schoolers can belong. We encourage them to explore their faith, develop authentic relationships centered around Christ, discover their spiritual gifts, and find their unique place in the kingdom of God.

 We believe that no ministry can match the influence and impact of the family, so the youth ministry serves families with students in middle school & high school. We provide support for family discipleship, teen spiritual formation, teen community, parent community, intergenerational relationships, and service opportunities. 

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REACH Campus Ministry

At Reach, we strive to make an impact on our university campus by opening the door for anyone to learn about and experience the powerful love of Jesus Christ. We believe that by learning from His life, love, and sacrifice, we begin the journey of becoming who God wants us to be: people who love Him and love those around us.

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BUILD-UP Professionals Ministry

After noticing that not everyone easily connects with traditional life-stage ministries, we reimagined our Young Professionals/Singles ministry as the Build-up Group-- a group where any person who feels they do not neatly fit into any of the other ministries can find connection and be loved. 

Your age and educational level do not matter, nor does the nature of the work you have chosen as a career. It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, newly married but still without children, or even married with children. If you don’t feel like you belong in any of the other above-mentioned ministries, we want you to feel like you can belong here. 

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TNT Ministry

In 2022, after seeing so many other active groups in the church, some of us who are retired realized that we needed to form a group too. Out of that desire, the "Tried and True" group was born. We get together once a week to share fellowiship, fun, and food.

Instead of just spending a few minutes together on Sunday morning, saying “Hello and how are you?” we have over two hours on Thursday morning sharing, caring, laughing and really getting to know and love each other.

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Small Group Ministry

Here at Crossway, we believe one key to a healthy, active church is a small, intimate setting for growth that we call Family Groups. Family Groups are made up of people of various backgrounds and life circumstances that come together to grow in their faith-walk together. They do this through fellowship, bible study, service and fun. We encourage you to come experience one of our family groups.

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