Why Choose Us?

Why Choose this church?

There are so many places of worship in Tallahassee. Why choose Crossway as your faith family? This is not a complete list, but here are a few reasons we believe our church would be a great place for you to worship, serve, and grow.


As a church, we are members of God’s household, and therefore a family. God never meant for us to live life alone, but to engage life as members of His family. A family should grow together, spend time together, enjoy life together, experience loss together, and work together. As we do life together, we grow in intimacy as we worship God and follow Jesus together. At Crossway, we encourage members to commit to doing life together.


We live in a world that calls us to live its truth . Unfortunately, that truth changes every day. We believe that the Bible is God’s word, written and carried along through the power of His Holy Spirit. It is the only true message inspired by God that can lead mankind into a true, loving, and eternal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Here at Crossway, prioritize turning to God's word to discover the truth in it for our lives and our world today.


God is love, and that love is the foundation of having a true relationship with God and with people. We believe that the world will know we are Christ’s disciples by our love for one another and for our neighbors. Anything done without love is worthless. Here at Crossway, we believe that love should be the guiding force in all of our relationships, our reason for following God, and our motivation for serving our neighbors and telling them about Jesus.


In Luke 19:10, Jesus tells us, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." He did this by sharing the truth, but he also did it by healing the sick, feeding those who were hungry, and walking beside people in their time of need. Paul helps us understand that it is always God's will for His people to care for those who are in need. Here at Crossway, we follow the example set by God's people to serve others and we do that in various ways. We encourage you to help us serve others.

If you'd like to learn more about our faith family at CrossWay, send us a message at questions@crosswaytallahassee.org.